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Can you believe there’s a flavor we haven’t done?

Any flavor may be preordered with one dozen minimum, any size

For mocktail varieties, look for the * symbol. Restrictions and special charges apply.

Nearly all flavors can be baked gluten free or vegan.

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Black Forest
Chocolate cake with a ring of chocolate buttercream, filled with cherry pie filling, topped with fudge ribbons
Black and White
Dark chocolate cake frosted with Vanilla Bean buttercream and chocolate drops
Traditional red velvet cake filled with fluff and frosted with cream cheese buttercream
Brown Sugar Praline
Chocolate cake with old-fashioned brown sugar frosting
Cherry Bomb
Dark chocolate cake w/ a cherry in the center, cherry frosting and dark chocolate ganache drizzled over the top
Chocolate Coma
Chocolate overdose: Chocolate cake, choc buttercream, brownie batter, drizzle of ganache
Chocolate Fix
Dark chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream
Chocolate Guinness*
German-style chocolate stout cake, frosted with chocolate stout frosting
Chocolate Happiness*
Dark chocolate cake frosted with white chocolate buttercream rolled along white jimmies
Chocolate Partycake
Chocolate cake with cake batter frosting and chocolate sprinkles
Chocolate Pecan Pie   Featured on Cupcake Wars!!  
Chocolate cake filled with pecan pie and a dollop of semi sweet whipped ganache
Chocolate Razmatazz*
Chocolate cake soaked with raspberry flavor topped with fudge and a dollop of raspberry frosting
Chocolate Salted-Caramel
Chocolate cake filled with caramel, chocolate frosting edged in light seasalt
Choco-Mint Grasshopper*
Mint-infused chocolate cake frosted with minty green buttercream
Dark chocolate cake frosted with ChocoWine flavored buttercream

Cookie Dough
Marble cake with a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough

Cookies ‘n Cream
Chocolate cake topped with chunky whipped Oreo frosting and an Oreo cookie on top
German Chocolate
Chocolate cake with a ring of chocolate buttercream, filled with classic toasted coconut-pecan filling
Girls Night*
Red Velvet cake frosted w Cabernet wine buttercream

Gran Marnier*
Chocolate cake soaked with Gran Marnier frosted w chocolate buttercream, ganache ribbons
Habanero Hottie  Our Fire Department’s Fave (seriously!)
Dark chocolate cake infused with Habanero- Cinnamon spice, red buttercream and garnished with hot Habanero candy
Heath Bar
Chocolate cake filled with butterscotch mousse, frosted with creamy chocolate frosting and toffee bits
Ho-Ho Heaven

Dark chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream, coated with dark Callebaut ganache and a classic swirl.

Irish Patty*
Chocolate cake soaked with Irish Cream and Creme de Menthe, minty chocolate buttercream and ganache
It’s a Boy! Chocolate
Chocolate cake with  surprise baby blue filling and chocolate buttercream
It’s a Girl! Chocolate
Chocolate cake with a surprise pink filling and chocolate buttercream
Jaina’s Raspberry
Chocolate cake filled with raspberry mousse, frosted with dark chocolate frosting
Junior Mint
Fudgy chocolate cake frosted with white mint buttercream and a layer of fudge on top
Kylie’s Cookie Dough
Marble cake with a ring of chocolate buttercream, a scoop of cookie dough and chocolate ganache
Lady Godiva*
Dark chocolate cake soaked with chocolate liquor frosted w chocolate buttercream and fudge drizzles
Messed up Monkey*
Dark chocolate cake frosted with a banana liquor flavored buttercream
Midnight Pomegranate*
Dark chocolate cake infused with pomegranate flavor frosted with a pomegranate-chocolate swirl
Mike’s Peppermint*
Crushed peppermint chocolate cake with buttercream swirl of red peppermint and white chocolate
Molten Lava
Rich, dark chocolate cake with a rich chocolate center and a dollop of chocolate buttercream
Chocolate cake infused with Kahlua and Baileys, frosted with a dollop of chocolate frosting.
Orange You Cocoa?*
Dark chocolate cake infused with orange flavor, orange buttercream and a chocolate chunk.
Peanut Butter Oreo
Chocolate cake, whipped peanut butter buttercream and Oreo cookies
Pretzel Twist
Chocolate cake with pretzel M&M’s baked inside and salted-chocolate buttercream
Reese Cup Remix
Dark chocolate cake frosted with rich peanut butter frosting, Reese’s pieces
Rocky Road
Chocolate cake frosted with creamy chocolate frosting, peanuts, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips
Scooby Snacks
Groovy green! Pineapple coconut cake topped with Melon flavored liquor buttercream

Green velvet cake with real Irish cream frosting
Chocolate cake with whipped topping and coconut
Tipsy Butterfinger*
Chocolate cake infused with Butterscotch flavor, frosted with creamy chocolate frosting and Butterfinger bits
White Chocolate Blizzard
White chocolate cake, frosted with white chocolate buttercream and topped with Callebaut white chocolate
White Chocolate Peppermint
White chocolate cake frosted with white chocolate peppermint buttercream and a peppermint candy cane



Cappuccino Kick
Vanilla bean cake blended with coffee, java-buttercream
Caramel Macchiato
Coffee cake filled with vanilla pudding, topped with caramel buttercream and a caramel drizzle
French Vanilla Latte*
Espresso cake infused with French Kiss flavor and topped with vanilla-java buttercream
Java chip
Dark chocolate cake swirled with coffee and Callebaut java-buttercream
Kahlua and Cream* Featured in Modern Bride magazine!!  
Dark chocolate cake infused with Kahlua and frosted with whipped java-buttercream
Morgan’s Mocha
Chocolate cake frosted with coffee buttercream and topped with fudge
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Java cake topped with pumpkin spice buttercream
Too Tiramisu*
White cake infused with Kahlua, layered with mascarpone filling, dusted with sweet Ghiradelli cocoa
White Russian*
White cake, infused with Kahlua and frosted with swirled espresso and french vanilla buttercream


Lemon – lavender cake with fluffy whipped frosting
Andy’s Key Lime
White cake with lime zest, frosted with Key-lime buttercream
Amaretto Rose*
Lime cake infused with Amaretto, topped with pink amaretto buttercream
Apple Crisp
Apple oatmeal cake, with applesauce glaze and butterscotch buttercream
Apple Crumb

Fresh apple-cinnamon cake with streusel crumb topping and vanilla bean frosting

Caramel Apple Crumb

Apple-cinnamon cake with streusel crumb topping and caramel drizzled on top


Light green fresh apple cake, frosted with Apple Schnapps buttercream
Vanilla cake with fresh apple, cinnamon, and walnuts with cinnamon apple frosting garnished with walnuts
Arnie Palmer*
Limoncello-infused sweet tea cupcake frosted with lemonade buttercream
Banana Puddin’  Featured on Cupcake Wars!! 
Fresh banana cake filled with banana pudding topped off with a dollop of fluff and a Nilla wafer
Bahama Mama*
Orange-pineapple cake infused with rum, swirled with cranberry-orange buttercream
Pineapple-cranberry cake soaked with Pomegranate Schnapps, frosted with cranberry buttercream
Berry Martini*
Mixed berry cake frosted with Pomegranate Schnapps buttercream
Big Blue*
Blueberry cake frosted with swirled white and blue champagne buttercream,  infused with blueberry vodka
Blueberry Heaven
Blueberry cake with white chocolate buttercream and blueberry drizzle
Blueberry Pancakes
Blueberry cake with maple buttercream and syrup drizzle
Blueberry Pie-Oh-My
Vanilla cake stuffed with blueberry pie filling and vanilla bcream
Caramel Apple
Apple cake frosted with soft caramel, dipped in peanuts or sprinkles
Caramelized Pear
Cinnamon-pear cake with a dollop of cream cheese buttercream and caramel drizzle
Champagne Strawberry*
Strawberry cake with champagne- strawberry buttercream
Cherries Jubilee Flambe
Pink cake topped with maraschino-mandarin buttercream and an optional flaming cherry
Cherry Limeade
Bright green lime cake with pink maraschino-cherry buttercream
Cherry Pie-Oh-My
Vanilla cake stuffed with cherry pie filling and vanilla bcream
Chocolate-covered Strawberry
Chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream topped with ganache, fresh strawberry garnish in season

Cranberry White Chocolate

Pink whitecake with real cranberries and white chocolate buttercream
Pink whitecake with infused cranberries, frosted with cranberry-lime buttercream
Dirty Pirate*
Pineapple cake infused with spiced rum topped with maple frosting and toasted coconut
Drive me bananas   

Banana cake with caramel buttercream and caramel drizzles

Excellent Carrotcake

Amazingly moist carrotcake with pineapple, coconut and real cream cheese buttercream
Freckled Lemonade
Lemon cake studded with strawberries and Strawberry/Lemon buttercream
Fuzzy Navel*
Peach Schnapps flavored orange cake frosted with orange-peach buttercream
Hard Lemonade*  Featured in Modern Bride magazine!!  
Lemon-zest cake infused with Limoncello, and lemon frosting
Pig Pickin’ or Hawaiian 
Mandarin orange butter cake topped with pineapple whipped topping and finished off with a cherry

Honey Lavender (formerly Spa Day)
Lavender-infused cake with clover honey buttercream

Moist pineapple-pecan banana cake, frosted with cream cheese frosting
Rum punch cake infused with rum and pineapple-cherry frosting
Lemon Meringue
White cake filled with lemon curd frosted with a whipped vanilla topping
Lemon Drop
Tangy lemon-zest cake with fresh lemon-infused buttercream frosting and a candy lemon drop
Lemon Lush
Sweet lemon cake with lemony cream cheese buttercream
Sweet lemon poundcake drizzled with tart lemon glaze
Lime in da Coconut
Coconut cake with lime curd filling and a light coconut topping
Long Island Tea*
Sweet tea cupcake infused with Long Island flavor, frosted with lemony tea buttercream
Mandarin Green Tea
Mandarin green tea cake with clover honey buttercream
Mango Madness
Mango cake frosted with mango-lime frosting
Lime cake topped with tequila-lime frosting and a traditional salted edge
Mandarin orange cake frosted with champagne/mandarin buttercream
Orange Almond
Mandarin orange cake topped with orange-almond buttercream, studded with salted slivered almonds
Orange Creamsicle
Mandarin orange cake with swirled orange and vanilla buttercream, sweet and simple.
Orange Crunchcake
Butter cake with orange crunch filling and orange zest buttercream
Orange Crush*
Natural, zesty-orange cake infused with orange flavor topped with orange zest buttercream
Peaches ‘n Cream
Real peach cake with swirled peach/whipped topping
Peach Pie-Oh-My
Vanilla cake stuffed with peach pie filling and vanilla bcream
Pina Colada
Pineapple coconut cake with pineapple coconut whipped frosting and fresh coconut

Pineapple Crush *
Pineapple cake infused with pineapple flavor and topped with whipped pineapple frosting
Pink Champagne*
Perfectly pink cake with a light citrus champagne buttercream
Pink Lady*
Tangy pink lemon cake infused with pink lemonade flavor frosted with tangy pink lemon buttercream
Pink Lemonade
Tangy pink lemon zest cake frosted with pink lemonade-infused frosting
Pomegranate Kiss
Marbled vanilla-red velvet cake topped with vanilla-pomegranate frosting
Pom Martini*
Pomegranate cake infused with pomegranate flavor and pomegranate frosting
Rainbow Sherbert
Lemon cake with swirled sherbert frosting
Raspberry White Chocolate
Raspberry cake with white chocolate-raspberry buttercream
Raspberry Smoothie
Raspberry cake topped with light raspberry buttercream
Raspberry Zinger
Vanilla cake filled with vanilla mousse topped with raspberry preserves and chopped coconut
Real Strawberry
Fresh strawberry preserves cake with real strawberry preserves frosting
Red, mandarin orange cake topped with Sangria-citrus buttercream

Scooby Snack (Melon Pina Colada)

Pineapple coconut cake with Melon buttercream

Cranberry cake infused with Peach Schnapps flavor, frosted with cranberry-peach buttercream

Spiced Peach

Cardamom peach cake with Spiced peach buttercream
St. Germaine*
Zesty lime cake infused with St. Germaine flavor and topped with a crème lime frosting
Strawberry Daquiri*
Strawberry-lime cake topped with strawberry – lime frosting
Strawberry Margarita*
Strawberry cake topped with tequila-lime frosting and seasalt
Strawberry Pie-Oh-My
Vanilla cake stuffed with strawberry pie filling and vanilla bcream
Strawberry Stuffed Cheesecake
Butter cake with strawberry pie filling and creamcream frosting
Strawberry Swirl
Sweet strawberry cake with swirled strawberry cream frosting
Strawberry White Chocolate
Strawberry cake topped with white chocolate-strawberry buttercream
Sub Lime
Vanilla cake filled with lime curd, frosted with a light citrus buttercream
Summer Love
Strawberry cake topped with lemon zest honey buttercream
Sweet Peach Tea
Peach tea cake with peach preserves frosting
Sweet Potato Truffle
Sweet potato cake with sweet potato filling topped with vanilla bean frosting and cinnamon drizzle

Sweet Patooty
Sweet potato cake with brown sugar buttercream

The Swell Crush*
Blue Lagoon orange cake infused with Blue Curacao flavor, frosted with orange buttercream
Very Berry Lemon
Lemon zest blueberry cake with a light lemony buttercream
Mandarin orange cake topped with pecan-pineapple-coconut creme frosting
Watermelon Crawl*
Green watermelon cake infused with Midori flavor and pink watermelon frosting
What’s up 7-up
Lemon-lime zest cake with lemon-lime zest buttercream
White Chocolate Banana Pudding
White chocolate cake filled with banana pudding and white chocolate creme buttercream


Bacon Candy

Applewood bacon buttercake with maple syrup frosting and bacon seasalt crumbles


Butterscotch cake topped with butterscotch frosting and a lightening bolt

Brown Sugar Bourbon

Butter bourbon cake with maple buttercream topped with Bergamot caramel and black walnuts

Chocolate-vanilla marble cake with strawberry/vanilla buttercream
Oatmeal Butterscotch
Oatmeal-molasses cake with butterscotch buttercream
Orleans Praline
Pecan-almond coconut cake with light java buttercream
Rootbeer Float
Rootbeer flavored cake with Rootbeer creme buttercream
Southern Red Velvet
Buttermilk red velvet cake with real cream cheese frosting
Sweet on Bacon (not available Kosher)
Shredded bacon white cake with maple frosting, carmelized bacon and fudge drizzles on top

Vanilla Coke

Cola-scented cupcake with cola buttercream


Almond Joy
Coconut cake with almond buttercream , slivered almonds, chopped coconut and fudge drizzles
Amaretto Joy*
Coconut cake infused with Amaretto flavor and topped with almond buttercream, coconut and fudge drizzles
Apple Walnut
Fresh apple-walnut cake with apple-walnut buttercream
Butter Pecan
Butter pecan cake with butter pecan frosting
Coconut Cream Pie
Buttercake with creamy coconut mousse and light coconut buttercream
Fluffer Nutter
Vanilla cake filled with cream topped with peanut butter frosting and marshmallows

Hunka Hunka
Fresh banana cake with chocolate chips, peanut butter frosting and fudge drizzles
I Love Coconut
Coconut cake with whipped coconut cream frosting topped with chopped coconut
Lemon Coconut
Lemon cake with coconut cream frosting topped with chopped coconut
Nutella Truffle
Nutella-filled (hazelnut) chocolate cake topped with chocolate-hazelnut buttercream
Nutter Butter
Peanut butter cake topped with peanut butter frosting

Nutty Buddy

Vanilla cake and chocolate buttercream filled with peanuts, chocolate chips and ganache

Peanut butter cake filled with caramel, chopped peanuts and a ring of chocolate buttercream
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
Peanut butter cake topped with a scoop of peanut butter cookie dough frosting

Peanut Butter Mudslide*
Peanut butter cake infused with Irish cream, Kahlua and topped with chocolate buttercream
Peanut Butter Pie
Butter cake filled with peanut butter mousse, chocolate buttercream and chopped graham crackers
Pecan Pie Oh My
Vanilla cake filled with pecan pie filling and creamy vanilla bean frosting
Pistachio cake, frosted with pistachio creme frosting and salty chopped pistachios
Toasted Almond*
Almond cake with Amaretto flavored buttercream and slivered almonds


Apple Cheddar
Apple-cheddar cake with cheddar cheese frosting
John’s Cheese Popper
Cheddar-Jalapeno cake topped with spicy cheddar cheese frosting
The Florian  Featured on Cupcake Wars!
Rosemary & red pepper, sweet corn cupcake with apple-brandy buttercream.


Eddie’s CinnaBun
Butter cake layered w cinnamon streusel topped with cream cheese buttercream
French Toast Fanatic
Butter-cinnamon cake with a ring of maple frosting slice of butter and cinnamon drizzle
Ginger Snap
Gingersnap cake with a light sour cream frosting
Hot Buttered Rum*
Buttercake infused with light rum, topped with nutmeg-rum buttercream
Orange Spice
Mandarin-orange cardamom cake with grapefruit buttercream
Perfectly Pumpkin
Vanilla cake filled with pumpkin filling and cream cheese frosting
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Pumpkin chocolate-chip cake with a milk chocolate buttercream
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin spice cake frosted with pumpkin spice frosting
Snicker Doodle
Vanilla cake with cinnamon buttercream and cinnamon -sugar topping
SoCo Eggnog*
Eggnog buttercake infused with Southern Comfort flavor and fresh nutmeg buttercream
Spicy Cinnamon Churro
Cinnamon swirl cake with vanilla buttercream and a spicy-sweet cinnamon crunch topping
Spiced Peach Cobbler
Cinnamon-peach cake layered with cinnamon streusel and vanilla bean buttercream
Triple Ginger
Ginger cake studded with candied ginger and topped with ginger-lemon buttercream
Vanilla Chai Latte
Vanilla chai spice cake with a light vanilla chai buttercream


100 Calorie Angel Food
Classic -sized angel food cake with light frosting creme
Ain’t Your Momma’s Apple
Butter cake filled with apple pie filling frosted with rum buttercream
Almond I DO
Traditional almond wedding cake with fresh almond buttercream
Betty Lou
Butter cake with milk chocolate buttercream
Boston Cream
Vanilla cake filled with vanilla cream, topped with chocolate ganache
CheeseCake Cake
Vanilla cake filled with cheesecake, topped with cream cheese frosting
Cherry Pie Oh My
Vanilla cake filled with cherry pie filling and vanilla bean frosting
Crème Brulee
Almond cake frosted with caramel-almond frosting and caramel drizzle
Diva (angelfood)
Angel food cake topped with whipped frosting and a cherry
It’s a Boy
Vanilla cake filling with blue buttercream topped with vanilla buttercream
Its’ a Girl
Vanilla cake filled with pink buttercream topped with vanilla buttercream
Jillian’s Ice Cream Sundae
Vanilla cake with 3 scoops of “Neopolitan” cream frosting
Vanilla cake with Nerds, topped with buttercream and Nerds
Nutty Buddy
Vanilla cake topped with chocolate buttercream, chopped peanuts and fudge
Vanilla cake filled with grape jelly and topped with peanut butter frosting
Pancakes and bacon  (not available Kosher)
Butter cake with maple frosting and topped with a strip of bacon
Party Cake
Confetti cake topped with cake batter frosting
Peggy Sue
Butter cake topped with vanilla buttercream
Pink vanilla cake frosted with pink buttercream, topped with pink sprinkles
Scout Samoa
Butter cake frosted with chocolate buttercream, caramel, toasted coconut, and fudge drizzles
White cake topped with a roasted marshmallow, graham crackers, chocolate frosting and chocolate ganache
Sugar Daddy
Caramel cake frosted with caramel buttercream and caramel drizzle

Vanilla cake topped with peanut butter frosting drizzled with ganache
Butter chocolate chip cake with chocolate buttercream
Tres Leches*
Almond white cake layered with three creams, infused with rum flavor and marshmallow frosting
White cupcake filled with marshmallow fluff (no frosting)
Vanilla Cake with ring of choc. buttercream, caramel in the center, and ganache drizzles
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla bean cake with a light vanilla bean buttercream
Vanilla Fudge
Vanilla cake filled with chocolate fudge, topped with vanilla frosting
Zebra Cake

Cream-filled vanilla cake topped with smooth vanilla buttercream and fudge stripes


Great Purple Cupcake (AFK Epilepsy foundation)
Purple vanilla cupcake with grape jelly inside and grape buttercream
Happy Heart (Girl Scouts of America)
Whole wheat cake with goji berries, raspberry and honey-acai buttercream
Chocolate Moussecake (March of Dimes )
Dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and topped with a semisweet, whipped ganache
TWP cupcake (Teens with a Purpose Foundation)

Lime zest cake with a sweet cherry buttercream and a lime green chocolate sixlet

We Promise (We Promise Foundation)

Chocolate-chip cupcake with cream cheese crust, vanilla bean buttercream and chocolate curls