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kitchen chaos classes

Preregistration required •  Adults and children 9 +
Classes held at 1200 N. Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake VA
$20 per class or $35 for two classes in one day
757 351-1548

Junior Bakers

Come create some magic in the kitchen as you create muffins, cookies and many other tasty treats!  All supplies provided. Take what you bake!

DAY/DATE                TIME                        CLASS

SUN. Dec. 16             12:30 to 2pm            Peppermint Bark

SUN. Dec. 23            12:30 to 2pm            Gingerbread Men

SUN. Dec. 30             12:30 to 2pm           Cracker Brittle

SUN. Jan. 6               12:30 to 2pm            Meringue Cookies

SUN. Jan. 13             12:30 to 2pm            Cakepop class: Snow ball on a stick

SUN. Jan. 20            12:30 to 2pm            Hot chocolate cupcakes

SUN. Jan. 27             12:30 to 2pm            Homemade Gummy Bears

SUN. Feb. 3              12:30 to 2pm            Homemade poptarts

SUN. Feb. 10             12:30 to 2pm            Sweetheart Cupcakes

SUN. Feb. 17            12:30 to 2pm             Homemade Brownies

SUN. Feb. 24            12:30 to 2pm             Choc chip cookie cups

Junior Decorators

Have fun with your child as they learn how to develop basic decorating skills. 

DAY/DATE                      TIME             CLASS

SUN. Dec. 16                 2:30 to 4pm           Christmas Cake pops

SUN. Dec. 23                 2:30 to 4pm          Gingerbread House

SUN. Dec. 30                 2:30 to 4pm          Cracker Brittle

SUN. Jan. 6                    2:30 to 4pm          Meringue Snowflakes

SUN. Jan. 13                 2:30 to 4pm           Snow Ho-Ho-Men

SUN. Jan. 20                 2:30 to 4pm           Decorated chocolate milk spoons

SUN. Jan. 27                 2:30 to 4pm           Super Scones

SUN. Feb. 3                 2:30 to 4pm             Cookie puzzle

SUN. Feb. 10                 2:30 to 4pm           Sweetheart Cupcakes

SUN. Feb. 17                 2:30 to 4pm           Brownie pops

SUN. Feb. 24                 2:30 to 4pm           Choc chip cookie cups

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