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So guess what?  There were very, very few cupcake bakeries when Carolina Cupcakery opened, just three years ago. There were certainly no business plans or books to read. Although we are learning as quickly as we can, there is A LOT to figure out… that’s where your opinion counts!  Other folks may say it, but we sincerely need feedback to grow this brand new industry. No question or suggestion is dumb.

Please share your thoughts, your opinion and your flavor ideas here. We strongly encourage both creativity and respect.


  1. kimlopark says:

    Hello! I absolutely love your new website! I said this on your facebook wall as well, but I think wordpress is an amazing platform to use for blogs/websites( I use it myself for my blog). One of the features of this site is site stats which is helpful to see how much traffic your website is getting. However, it does have its flaws. For example: If I’m on your blog and click on what an idea then celebrations it will count it as 2 separate visits instead of just 1 from the same person. I like to use It is free (unless you want to upgrade but I think the free version is sufficient. It will tell you who visited your site, from what location (chesapeake, norfolk, canada, germany, etc.), how long they stayed and how many pages they visited. Sorry for the long comment but I thought that it would be helpful for you all to see who is coming to your site and from where! In case you dont read the comments I will also email you all. Congrats again on the great website and the even greater cupcakes!

  2. Please forward your name to me so we can replace those free of charge… We are always working to keep things more fresh and moist. It sounds like those missed on those… so sorry!

  3. Nichol says:

    Talk about great customer service! Where should I send my name to?

  4. p. lichtenstein says:

    How do I enter a name and flavor idea? The article in the paper said to come to the web site and do it but I couldn’t find the location!

  5. So glad you found us! We actually do not freeze and thaw anything, ever. We are a small batch bakery that uses real ingredients and no preservatives, ever. Scratch-baked goods do have a drier texture than the box mix or grocery versions that most people are used to. I will check with the store and let them know about your experience because we really hate to hear when anyone is disappointed. Please contact us with your name so we can offer you some replacements. There are scratch-flavors that are more moist than others that you may be happier with …. again, so sorry you were disappointed : (

  6. Julie Dashiell says:

    I cannot wait until Tuesday’s to get the Caramel Macchiato (spelling?) cupcakes! It’s my favorite drink at Startbucks so I had to try your version of this yummy drink. It surely was one of the best cupcakes EVER!! Don’t ever take it away! Well done. :)

  7. We are working on setting those up!

    9/1/11 update: Sugarfree nutritional label is now posted on the information tab

  8. Nicole says:

    How do you apply to the new ODU store if there are still positions available.

  9. Katrina says:

    Hello, I used to live in Ghent and frequent your bakery often. I recently moved to the D.C. area and miss your cupcakes, do you offer any type of shipping for out of town customers to place cupcake orders?

  10. Wayne Neyland says:

    I know you all are expanding (beautiful, take your time, but!!), PLEASE COME TO RALEIGH NC!!! PLEASE!!!! The triangle area needs you, desperately…. As a foodie, and a former Hampton Roads resident, indulging in your sinfully tasteful cupcakes has set the standard in my palette on how a cupcake should look and taste (and your customer service is awesome). I’ve tried a ton of cupcakes here in the Triangle area (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill), no offense, they should consider going back to the cupcake drawing board… Anyway, keep doing what you are doing in your cute little bakeshops!!

  11. Holly Poffenberger says:

    I have a student at ODU….do you deliver to the dorms (Whitehurst)?

  12. Holly Poffenberger says:

    Do you deliver cupcakes to students at ODU?

  13. Jenny says:

    I always buy my cakes at your store (Ghent). They were always tasty and competitively priced. I always got the Queen whenever I had an event! However, the recent price increase (which has literally doubled the cost from $30 to $45) is no longer competitive and I’ll be forced to purchase my cakes elsewhere. I hope you reconsider your pricing structure as I recently purchased the Princess and it is not going to work for my social events.

    • HI jenny! There was a typo and confusion followed, over the pricing of this product, specifically. We are going to have a powwow on Monday to resolve it once and for all. I’d like to save your comment and post it online along with the answers. We will contact you to adjust $$ from your previous order if it turns out that you paid too much. Thanks for letting us know about your experience : ) Dawn

  14. Christina says:

    OMG!!! The french toast fanatic!! The lady in the store told me to heat it up for a few seconds so the butter will melt. I swear that was the best advice I have received in years. I’ve never experienced anything like it!!!! I love this place!!!

  15. Nathan Thompson says:

    I purchased six of the four dollar cupcakes from the Waterside Marketplace location. There was a young girl there selling them. They looked so good and came in cool little containers. Boy were we disappointed with the lack of freshness. We literally threw them away. Never again will I pay four bucks for a cupcake and it not be moist or taste as if it was prepared that day.

    • Hi Nathan! Can you tell me what day you purchased them? That’s a new location with new employees. We send fresh, classic-sized cupcakes every day and the old ones are disposed of. I really appreciate the heads up, it sounds like we need to review some procedures. If you send an email to we can issue you a credit. I am confused about what you paid for them, however. Cupcakes in that location do not cost $4, they are $3 each, or 2 for $5.

  16. I agree 100%! We make every effort to bake with them, safely, but the risk of serious allergic reactions is so high we caution everyone, anyway. We don’t want anyone to get sick!

  17. Linda says:

    So sad that I couldn’t purchase mini’s in your store this morning. Couldn’t find a mention on the website that they’re only available on Mondays or as a special order.

  18. From your mouth to our ears… our Chesapeake location will have a dedicated wheat and nut free kitchen very soon. We moved from Edinburgh to Battlefield blvd, and expect to be fully operational Sept 23rd. Of course, this means that all nut free products will also be wheat free, but we are very excited to be able to more safely guarantee a clean environment!

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