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Carolina Cupcakery specializes in variety. We bake over 200 flavors in gluten free, vegan and sugarfree varieties.


Mini  $1.09 ea    Choc/Van doz 10.89    Gourmet doz 11.99

Classics $2.49     Choc/Van doz 25.19    Gourmet doz 27.39

Jumbo $3.89 ea    Choc/Van doz 38.39    Gourmet doz 42.79

Cupcake Platters

Assorted platters featuring our most popular flavors

Mini Sized Cupcakes     Sm platter- 25 minis 26.99    Lg platter 50 minis 53.99

Classic Sized Cupcakes      Sm platter- 12 classics 29.99    Lg platter 24 classics 60.99

Party kit

One doz. classic unfrosted chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, two tubs of frosting & sprinkles. The perfect party activity 21.99

Glutenfree • Vegan • Sugarfree

Mini cupcake   $1.29 ea    14.19 doz

Classic cupcake   $2.97 ea    32.59 doz

Jumbo cupcake   $4.59 ea    50.49 doz

GF Cookies, 1.09 ea 6.49 half doz

GF Brownies, Bars 2.79 ea

Special Events

Special events are well, special. That’s why we quote them on a one-by-one basis rather than using the standard pricing provided on this page.

Custom events such as Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs include private consultations, gourmet ingredients and decorating by a uniquely qualified team. These professionals work together to create a unique one-of-a kind event display that you’ll be thrilled with. Standard pricing can be provided for any order but we strongly encourage customers to sit down and discuss any event that is special to you so we can give it the attention and care it deserves.

Store Features

Frosting shots 99 ea / 11.89 dz

Cake Pops 1.99 ea / 23.89 d

Brownies, dessert bars 1.99 ea

Pupcakes/dog biscuits 2.99

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