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Cake flavors

Standard Flavors

Almond I Do

White almond wedding cake, white almond frosting. Go ahead and say “I Do” … yeah we do weddings!

Key Lime

Fresh lime zest cake topped with light lime buttercream. Simple and awesome.

Lemon Drop or Pink Lemonade

This is that sweet creamy lemon cake you loved as a kid, frosted with tangy lemon buttercream. We can make it pink or yellow, your choice. Straws optional.

Pink Champagne

Celebrate with pink champagne!  A rose-colored vanilla-almond cake that we frost with light citrus buttercream made from (you guessed it) real champagne. It actually tastes sparkly : )

Real Strawberry

Local strawberries are only in season once a year, and that’s when we make preserves for this cake. Strawberry jam cake with strawberry jam buttercream, always fresh. Hint! Don’t expect this to be a super pink cake, there’s no food dye in real jam.

Vanilla Bean

Madagascar vanilla bean cake with a light vanilla bean buttercream makes this cake worthy of its ice cream cousin.

Betty Lou

Ever notice there’s no name for yellow butter cake with milk chocolate buttercream?  We did- so we named it after our own Aunt Betty. An American classic, now known as Betty Lou.

Chocolate Fix

If you know good chocolate you know Callebaut and that’s really all you have to know, to be certain that this is one seriously good rich, decadent, chocolate cake with Callebaut chocolate buttercream.

Premium Flavors  (10% additional)

Excellent Carrotcake

We claim it, the most moist carrotcake anywhere. Carrots, pineapple and coconut combine to make a relatively-healthy and yummy cake. Nuts and raisins added by request. Topped with cream cheese buttercream perfection.

Southern Red Velvet

Southern Red Velvet cake is not like Red Velvet cake. We leaven it old-school, with lemon and baking soda for a texture that’s noticeably lighter and milder. We add a thin layer of fudge between the layers and finish it off with real cream cheese frosting, now it’s Southern.

Cookies ‘n Cream

We folded your favorite cookies into whipped frosting and slathered it on your favorite chocolate cake and covered it with cookie crumbles. It is impossible to make this one pretty, but it sure satisfies!

Signature Flavors (20% additional)


You have to visualize this one… we start with two layers of chocolate / vanilla marble cake. Between the two layers we put a solid layer of chunky cookie dough, then frost it with vanilla buttercream. Then we drizzle chocolate fudge over the entire thing… oh yeah.

Pineapple Upside-Down

Perfect for Summer parties. Classic butter cake with fresh pineapple, brown sugar and cherries. Exactly like Grandma made.

I Love Coconut

White cake layered with coconut/sour cream buttercream,  garnished with fresh sweet coconut.

Summer Love

This is the epitome of Summer indulgence, light and fresh. We start with strawberry preserves cake and add clover honey, fresh lemon zest buttercream and fresh strawberries. Gorgeous.

 Reeses Remix

Just write your diet off for today and dig in. This is dark chocolate cake, with roasted peanut butter frosting in the center, and frosted on top and chocolate fudge poured over it. Warning; you may have gained weight just reading this… we are sorry… but work with this stuff every day and we do not want to know how many calories are in it.