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Event contract

Carolina Cupcakery LLC

${EventType} CONTRACT


Bride and groom and Carolina Cupcakery LLC (Cupcakery) agree to the following:

Event Date/Time:  Carolina Cupcakery LLC shall provide gourmet products and services for the event to be held on:  ${EventDate}

Location:  The event will be taking place at: Location

Delivery and setup:  Cupcakery shall deliver and setup the event cake display.  Setup will occur between: Time and Time

Client verifies the location will be accessible and the site will be prepared for setup at the date and times stated.

Late Changes:  Changes to the work order may be made up to two (2) weeks (order deadline) prior to the event.  Revisions made after the deadline must be approved by Cupcakery management and may incur additional fees.

Payments:  A deposit of 50% of the total price is due upon, or before contract signing.  The remainder of the total price shall be made no later than two (2) weeks before the event.

If final payment is not received by the designated date, a 10% late fee per day may be applied.  Payment of any late fees are due at the time of final payment.  If payment is not made, Carolina Cupcakery LLC has the right to retain all deposits and cancel your order.

Tower Rental Deposit:  A deposit is required for tower rental.   The tower deposit will be fully refunded after rental return which includes all accessories, drapes and ribbons Carolina Cupcakery LLC provided. 

Tower Rental Return:  The tower must be returned no later than: Return Date and not later than 7pm.            If tower is late, you lose your deposit.  If tower isn’t back by the date stated above, you are responsible for the full replacement cost of the tower. Carolina Cupcakery LLC will also require a credit card number from the customer to be kept on file in case of failure to return tower.

Carolina Cupcakery LLC will NOT charge your credit card without notification.  However, the cost of broken, missing pieces or missing towers will be deducted from your deposit and you will be responsible for the entire replacement value.  Charges for broken/damaged pieces:  Dowels- $15 each.  Table base- $25.  Small tower- $100.  Large tower- $150.  Jumbo/Box tower- $250

The tower you have rented:  Tower number or style

The amount you will be refunded: Dollar amount

Please indicate if another individual (other than the bride/groom or card listed above) will receive the deposit.  If so, please provide their address so we can mail them a check or credit their credit card.

Name and address: 

Late return will result in the forfeit of your deposit!! I understand that my contract signature acknowledges the binding terms and conditions involved in renting equipment from Carolina Cupcakery.

Order Deadline (2 weeks before event):

Fresh Flowers- are supplied by your florist. Carolina Cupcakery does not sell or deliver flowers of any kind. We will be glad to place supplied flowers free of charge but we are not responsible for allergic reactions or for damages caused. Please provide a photo for precise placement.

Cake toppers may be brought in beforehand.  Every precaution is taken to secure your topper on the cake, however Cupcakery is not responsible for damage of any kind, for any reason.  If your topper is old or valuable, you may want to designate a special person to handle it.

Color swatches are required to accurately match frosting, ribbon, etc.  We are very precise about color matching, but Cupcakery is not responsible for conditions affecting the final outcome, such as; availability, dye lots, weather, humidity, etc. 

Heat Concerns:  Outdoor/Summer events require special planning to accommodate heat issues.  Cupcakery uses real dairy products, which do not tolerate heat well and (in certain conditions) may affect cupcake liners and freshness.  While every precaution is taken, we are not responsible for weather-related failures.

Liability:  Client agrees to assume full responsibility for guests and agrees to indemnify and hold Cupcakery harmless from and against all bodily injury, property damage, or consequential damages which may result from Cupcakery services and provision of your order.

Acts of God:  Cupcakery’s obligation to perform will be modified to the extent necessary based on transportation problems, delays in product delivery, inclement weather, acts of God, or other causes beyond control that make it impossible, or impractical, for Cupcakery to perform.

Cancellations will be accepted upon receipt of Client cancellation request in writing.  Cancellations represent lost income, therefore, it is understood that if the Client cancels after placing a deposit, all deposits are forfeited, unless agreed otherwise by both parties.  If there is a late cancellation (within 2 weeks of the event) all money received is forfeited by the Client.

Use of Photographs:  Cupcakery will take photographs of your order to ensure that the cake is in its proper state when Cupcakery staff leave the venue.  We reserve the right to use any photographs for display and/or promotion without notice or compensation to you.

Attorney’s Fees:  In the event that the Client fails to pay Cupcakery, and collection procedures are initiated, the Client will be responsible for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, including on appeal.  Venue shall be in Chesapeake, VA. 

Contract approval: You may approve this contract online through your Wedding Wire client site. Or you may opt to print and mail a hard copy to:

Carolina Cupcakery 1200 N. Battlefield Blvd. #106  Chesapeake, Va 23320

Carolina Cupcakery LLC appreciates your willingness to follow these few provisions.  They exist to ensure that your wedding day is created especially for you and your wedding.