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Flavor 200: Girl Scouts help create “Happy Heart”

Goji, orange, apple, cranberry, chocolate, whole wheat yum

At 4pm, Wednesday February 16, 2011, Carolina Cupcakery will reveal “Happy Heart”, their new heart-healthy cupcake that is trans fat-free and tastes amazing, having been inspired by the Girl Scout cookie, “Thank You Berry Munch”.

A percentage of profits from the evening’s sales at the bakery will be donated to the LifeNet Foundation. Cupcake samples and smiles will be given free at Carolina Cupcakery’s Ghent location on the corner of Colley and 21st Street in Norfolk, Virginia.

February 16, 2011 was chosen for the event because the date marks the anniversary of Andy Barnard’s heart donation seven years ago and he will be at the store, answering questions. Barnard is a well-known speaker for organ donation through LifeNet, and the brother of Carolina Cupcakery owner Dawn Eskins’.

Williams School Girl Scout Troop 1708 helped create the cupcakes last week with Miss Dawn in her Norfolk kitchen, while learning about antioxidants and probiotic ingredients. On Wednesday, Scouts will help hand out “Happy Heart” samples and take orders for cookies being delivered next week, too.

About LifeNet Foundation:
Formed in 2001, the LifeNet Donor Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to perpetuate the honor and memory of organ and tissue donors by providing education, awareness and support to donor families and the community. It financially supports public and professional education programs geared to promote and raise awareness of organ and tissue donation. It also strives to support programs that serve the bereaved community, specifically families that have been involved in the donation process. For more detailed information about the Foundation, visit us at

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