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Order cupcakes


1) Choose your size and quantity (The 12th one is always free!)

Mini cupcakes     $1.28 ea  Dozen $14.08

These are two-bite cupcakes. Sorry, fillings are not available in this size.

 Small platter- 25 minis $31.98     Large platter 50 minis $63.98

Classic cupcakes     $2.89 ea  Dozen $32.78

Classics are the same size you make at home.

Small platter- 12 classics $32.16      Large platter 24 classics $69.36

Jumbo     $3.98 ea   Dozen $43.78

Jumbos are great big, double cupcakes, the standard in our stores.


2) Choose your flavors

Choose one flavor per each dozen you order  OR,

Just say “Assorted” and we will select our most popular flavors for you


3) Give us a call at 757 351-1548

For best service, call between 9am-5pm and ask for Pam


We appreciate 48 hours notice, but we do try to work with everyone’s deadline

That’s it now,  can you wait?

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