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Special needs

Honestly, what’s a celebration without cake?  

The day we opened, we decided no one should go without cake, so we created dedicated kitchens for specific needs.

We can bake cakes or cupcakes and nearly all flavors can be recreated with special diets in mind. Call and ask about the items you have in mind.

Vegan- no animal or animal byproducts, recommended for customers with dairy, casein or egg allergies. Substitutions: rice milk, applesauce, canola oil

Sugar free- the only thing we bake with a mix, to offer consistent low- carb and sugar counts for our diabetic and bariatric patients. Substitutions: maltitol, xylitol, splenda

Gluten free– is becoming easier to find, but without a dedicated gluten free kitchen like ours there’s no guarantee of safety. Substitutions: rice flour, tapioca flour 

Kosher- Our Norfolk bakery is certified by Vaad Hakashrus of Tidewater. Because gluten-free products are sealed in our wheat-free kitchen they are NOT Kosher-certified.

 Expert advice:  If you have allergy concerns, we offer personal consultations with our special needs baker, Marsha Insley ($25 per half-hour). You’ll receive advice on inhome substitutions plus recipes to use at home.