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Seasonal Cupcake Flavors

In addition to 16 standards, each day we scratch-bake an additional 3-4 varieties of gourmet cupcakes. Flavors are based on which local produce is in season at the time.



Banana Puddin’ – Banana cake filled with banana pudding, topped with fluff frosting and a Nilla wafer

S’mores – Chocolate cake topped with roasted marshmallow, grahams and chocolate ganache

Strawberry Margarita* – Fresh strawberry cake with Patron tequila-lime frosting



Very Berry Lemon – Lemon zest-blueberry cake with a light lemony buttercream

Morgan’s Mocha – Chocolate cake with real espresso buttercream and ganache

The Vow Rumchata* – Maple, Cinnamon and Almond cake with cream cheese frosting



HoHo Heaven – Cream filled Belgian chocolate cake with ganache and a hoho swirl

Mango Tango – Francis mango cake with mango and zested lime buttercream

Honey Bee* – Honey cake with Wild Turkey Honey buttercream and honey drizzle



Spiced Peach Cobbler – Cinnamon-peach streusel cake topped with a lemon zest buttercream

Oh Marbles – Chocolate- Vanilla marble cake with fudge ripple buttercream

X-Rated* – Orange cake topped with X-rated mango, passion fruit, and blood orange buttercream



French Toast – Cinnamon-butter cake with maple frosting, butter and cinnamon drizzle

Raspberry Beret* – White chocolate cake, raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream

Chocolate Coma – Chocolate cake topped with choc buttercream, brownie batter and drizzle of ganache



Blueberry Heaven – Blueberry cake with white chocolate buttercream and a blueberry drizzle

Chocolate Strawberry – Chocolate cake topped with a strawberry preserves buttercream and ganache

Mermaid Mimosa* – Mandarine cake with blue curaçao and champagne buttercream

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